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Logitech 2016

Logitech 2015

Logitech and the ID Corp. proudly announce the new Logitech website. Over the last four months, Logitech has undergone a massive brand and website overhaul, with the ID Corp. as a development lead, to bring new digital marketing initiatives to this complex responsive, product driven site. Covering everything from home page templates, to Search results, to complete product landing pages, the ID Corp. has not only been an integral part of the technical collaboration between a multitude of internal and external teams, but also had the opportunity to lead several initiatives from start to finish.

Summer of Banners

What did you do this summer?

Online advertising has been dominated by html5 requests and the ID Corp is leading the Aarra family charge. With several existing clients putting more html5 banners into the world, the ID Corp has been leading development on both updating existing ad campaigns and building new creative OLA.

Venables - Orange

Orange Agency Site

Developed as in a partnership with Venables Bell&Partners, The ID Corp was able to work closely with the inside group of an already well decorated team. The new agency site is a beautiful, fully updateable, image rich masterpiece of portfolio thinkification. We had a blast working with VB+P on this one and can't wait to come up with some new interactive goodies to help push the digital chops of this site forward.



Working with Tile and Character SF, the ID Corp built not only a fully responsive and beautifully simple site for Tile, we also created a Craft driven CMS that shows off what the product can do. The site itself is designed to be simple and elegant, while also giving the site visitors a strong sense of how the product will change their ability to track and find the items that matter most.


We build Websites that work.  Websites that convey ideas, change perceptions, and build relationships.  We create these Websites with a user first approach.  With years of experience from desktop to mobile phone, we not only know how to get the creative perfect, but also how to adapt and solidify the technology that will power it.

Barbarian Group NY - Bacardi Untamable Fan

What would you give up to win an all expenses paid trip to any country whose team ends up in the World Cup 2014?  Together with Bacardi and the Barbarian Group,  The ID Corp. built a site where people are not only able to submit what they would give up, but also vote on who they think is giving up the best thing.  In the end Bacardi will have a final say, and you really don’t have to give up that thing…so give way something big, make it intersting.

CHI&Partners NY - SoundGram

Developed as in a partnership with CHI&Partners, The ID Corp was able to work closely with CHI and The Center for Hearing Communication to build a one-of-a-kind site.  The site is a way for people to notify loved ones who might be suffering from hearing loss via email and Facebook. Included in the process of the invitation is the ability for the person sending the invitation and record their own voice so that when their loved one is taking the test, they will be able to hear words of encouragement from a person they know.

215 McCann - Agency Site

Well, we rocked out another agency site.  Rebuilt, rethought, redesigned, and a fully responsive masterpiece.  The ID Corp. worked closely with 215 McCann for the first part of 2014 to help them launch a new self-touting, story telling, promotional landscape their work can call home.  Go on now, run and tell your peeps.

Logitech - Gaming Site

Working with Dojo out of San Fran, the ID Corp. provided development expertise and collaboration to the team at Logitech as we not only built out a new, distinct section to the site, but also shifted the overall brand image online.  

Seismic Website

The IDC just finished working with MUH·TAY·ZIK HOF·FER to rethink and rework the Seismic site we built in 2012 with a new shiny one at the end on 2013. Now fully responsive, all blogified, and full of updated content, while all built on a custom CMS, it's a site we're all glad to see up and alive.


Zambezi LA :: Agency Site

Sometimes the carpenters house is the last one to get worked on, and that seems to be true of most agencies. When you're slammed with work, sometimes you need to call in support, and that's what we were able to do with Zambezi LA when we worked with them to build a fresh responsive site powered by a full integrated CMS.

Donate a Tweet

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York is commemorating the 13th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks with a new video on YouTube that tells the story of the tree that survived the attacks.  To help raise funds for the memorial and spread awareness, the IDC worked with BBDO to build the "Donate a Tweet" Website.  A website that enables visitors to post Twitter messages about the commemoration of Sept. 11 and to donate 25 cents per character to the memorial.

Lego Mosaic - Liquid Thread

Working with Liquid Thread, the ID Corp. was able to launch the a new Star Wars Jabba the Hut limited edition set, get users to submit images, AND tie it all into a one day "May the 4th be with you" event.  Whew.

Online Advertising

It’s kind of our thing.  With a strong presence in the Online Advertising world, we have built thousands of banners ranging from simple fade in/fade out text and image transitions all the way up to talking basketballs. Below are some of our favorites, enjoy!  (You can also check out our Vimeo page for even more)

Ford+World Cup+Meme

Ford+World Cup+Meme

For the US + Portugal game the IDC utilized a World Cup API to post .gif animations to the Ford twitter feed. The API essentially looks for certain events during the game such as “header” or “save” or “goal” and auto creates Twitter posts that will have “meme-like” IDCs animated .gifs associated with them. In less than 12 hours we whipped together over 20 gif animations that were hyper-localized and based on the hometown of certain players.

Ford :: Team Detroit


Smirnoff :: JWT

Sonic :: Goodby Silverstien and Partners

Yahoo! :: Goodby Silverstien and Partners

Adobe :: Goodby Silverstein and Partners

Nike Football :: Weiden + Kennedy

NBA :: Goodby Silverstein and Partners

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